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Christ is Coming Soon!  Time is Running Out Fast!  Win Souls for Christ!

Testimonials from Evangelists Worldwide!
"I have never found a Gospel Tract that so completely and clearly explains how to get saved and
with such attractive colors and graphics that will draw people to read them. My burden and prayer is,
“Lord Give Me Souls!” I am sure that is also your prayer, and may God grant it for both of us."

Rev. B. Goodwin, Livingston, TX

God Bless You, Respected Brother Spencer Cho. I greet you in the name of our savior Lord Jesus Christ. First of all, I am so much happy
  and feeling spiritually to read your website. I was personally blessed so much to watch your strong burden for Pakistan Community.
  Brother I am Pastor Asif Naeem from Pakistan running Global Gospel Fellowship Ministries International. Really Pakistani Christians
  peoples are crying for word of God because they are needy for eternal life.. My wife Sumera is nice and supporting me in my ministry work
  and also running Sunday schools centers around the Faisalabad with the hopeless and homeless Kids. Our church will always be with you
  and praying for your ministry. Global Gospel Fellowship Ministries International was founded by Pastor Asif Naeem in 2011.
  We are  ministering with a heart for the lost souls and our main focus is winning souls for Kingdom of God.  We believe in the demonstration
of the Holy Spirit and the power of the Holy Spirit through healing the sick, signs and wonders. Pastor Asif Naeem, Pakistan (December 14, 2011)


  욕 노상에서 GO전도지로 수많은 영혼들에게 복음을 증거하는 전도자 장로님의 전도 일기 중에서:
  브로드웨이 메이시앞 거래처를 가는길에 잠깐 메이시 백화점 앞에섰다. I bring you good news! 백화점 윈도우의 멋진 데코레션을 구경 하는 많은 사람들과
  수많은 관광객들 샤핑객들 그리고 무언가 바쁜 삶의 걸음들로 인파는 끝없이 오고 간다 그들에게 복음을 전할수 있는 기회를 주신 주님의 은혜를 감사한다.
  Paul Jared 는 베터란급(?) 전도자 들이다. 백 집사님과 Eva 집사님이 함께 하고 있었다. 박전도사님과 사모님은 보스톤의 대학원에 수업이 있어 오늘은
  참석을 못하였으나 성령이 충만한 전도인 들이다. 350 부의 전도지를 가지고 나간 나는 오후 3:30분경에 전도지가 다 떨어졌다. 가방을 뒤져보니 마침
  한국언어가 포함된 3개언어의 GO전도지가 몇십장 있었다. 아까부터 한국인 청년 2명이 내 뒤에서 누군가를 기다리는것 같았다. 마지막 2장의 전도지가 남았을때
  나는 그들에게 전도지를 전하였으나 거절 당하였다. "어쩌면 이것이 당신의 생애에 있을 마지막 기회가 될 수 있을지도 모릅니다!!" 그는 전도지를 받았다.
  "세상 모든 사람은 죄인입니다. 의인은 한사람도 없고 그 죄의 댓가는 영원한 멸망 입니다. 그러나 예수님이 십자가에서 대신 우리의 죄값을 지불 하셨기 때문에
  우리는 예수님을 믿으면 구원 받는다는 기쁜 소식입니다." 그들과 악수하고 돌아와 그들을 위하여 기도 하고 미국을 위하여 기도하고 우리교회들이 열방에 복음을
  열심히 전하기를 위하여 기도 하였다. 이미 밖은 어두워 지고 있었다. 한시간 기차를 타고 돌아오는 길에 다시 오늘의 뿌린 복음의씨가 열매 맺기를 기도 하며

주님께 감사를 드렸다. 우리에게 주신 특권의 자리 전세계의 모든 민족이 몰려오는 이곳 뉴욕에서 우리는 다시 오실 주님의 길을 예비하는 광야의 외치는자의 소리가

  되어 주님 오시는 그 날까지 이 기쁜 소식을 선포 할 것이다. J. H. Cho, New York,  (November 30, 2011)
  Hello, Thanks for the tracts I just received.  I'm adding them to gift bags from our church pantry.
  They are very nice and helps spread the word of our savior!  Thank you for the prompt service. Ken W. Allegan, MI (November 28, 2011)
  Hi: My order info below: We need this order ASAP. We are in the middle of our drive and we ran out of the first 1000 GO! Gospel Tracts we bought from you.
  That  order went to Quail Lakes Church ordered by Kim. We are using the tracts in a bean drive for the Emergency food bank. We need this order by Nov 3, 2011.
  Follow this link to Quail Lakes web page, stroll down to featured media and click on hill of bean drive. This is all about our food drive and
  how we are using your tract. Thanks and Jesus Bless.  Jim H. Stockton, CA  (November 2, 2011)
  Good day. I am a Bible School student and live in South Africa and would like to make a difference in other people's lives in my aria telling them
  about Jesus our Lord and Savior. Thank you. Samuel James L., South Africa (October 18, 2011)

South Africa

  Hi Spencer, It was a pleasure to chat with you too on the phone Monday. As I indicated, I am searching for a good tract in Turkish at a reasonable price.
  With this country being 99% Muslim, there is indeed a great need, as virtually all the people here have probably never even heard the Good News,
  nor do they know anything about the True Jesus of the Bible. As you know, the only "Jesus" they know about is the false "Jesus" promulgated by their
  false religion and the Koran. And, as a born-again Christian, I feel I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't get the Good News out the best I can while
  I am here before I return to the states. Being that I do not yet speak Turkish, in lieu of personally handing the tracts out, I strategically place them on
  public sitting benches near mosques, plead the blood of Jesus over them, and then pray that The Holy Spirit will lead those with open hearts and minds to
  pick them up and read them. Thanks a million for your kind offer to pray for my wife's salvation and the tearing-down of those deceptive walls so she can
  truly "see," "hear," and "understand" the TRUTH. So and am looking forward to receiving your Turkish tracts. Will be in touch. Prayers for you,
your loved ones and your ministry. Sincerely, Michael A, Turkey (October 13, 2011)


  Hi Spencer, Thank you for the quick service in getting the Spanish tracts to me. My wife and I are leaving for Guatemala this Friday (10/14).
  With my Spanish limited to 4 or 5 words, my first trip to Guatemala was with my church in April 2010. There was no way to communicate with the locals,
  so I thought of handing out tracts. I gave the tracts and US dollars as tips to the people at the airport and tracts with dollars to people begging on the streets
  of Antiqua. What a thrill when I looked over my shoulder and saw an old man turning the pages in one of your tracts.
  We'll be spending our time at the same orphanage we go to every time, where so many kids have such heartbreaking stories. I don't know if we'll get
  to shopping this trip but I'll still get to hand out tracts with tips at the airport. Thank you. Allen S. Keyser, WV (October 12, 2011)


  Dear co-workers on His field,  I have found your website through Google by words "mission, spreading the gospel, evangelism". I am His servant from Uzbekistan
  (Central Asia). The situation with Uzbek nation is very specific. It is only one multimillion nation (28 millions) which have no the whole Bible on own language.
  There is strong persecution of Churches, penalty for having Christian books up to 100 month's salary, about US$2,000). There are constantly violations by security
  service and militia towards the believers. Because of it, the Church's life and its activity are paralyzed. No Christian literature can come inside the country, no
  evangelism. But God did something unique in modern history: About 7 million Uzbek emigrants are temporary workers in Russia now. It is time for Churches in
  Russia to catch the fish, which came from stormy ocean. During the last 20 years, I've established relationship with great number of Russian bishops and pastors
  from different denominations all over the Russia. So I use it to call the Russian local Churches for this great work. I am ready to translate your GO Evangelism Gospel
  Tracts into Uzbek language. You can print it in the U.S. and send it to Russia. My strategy will be personal meetings with responsible people of the Movements or
  of the Unions of Churches, or with pastors, and supply them with GO Evangelism Gospel Tracts.  Your co-worker in His field.  Russia, (Oct 10, 2011)




  Dear Spencer, I received the Gospel tracts 3 days ago.  They are just what I was looking for!  I am an Area Representative for Voice of the Martyr's.
  I hold a monthly prayer meeting where we are taught to continue following in Christ's footsteps. We also look at different persecutions that have been
  occurring and we spend time in prayer for our brothers and sisters who are enduring these trials.  We also pray for the families of martyr's. 
  I am currently taking a class at church regarding evangelism.  This is part of a discipleship program that I am in. While I enjoy sharing Jesus with
  those that I meet, up until now I have found it difficult to get a Bible tract that has all that I was looking for.  Thank you for the work that you are doing!!
Thank you for praying for me!  In Christ,  Amy C., Owego, NY  (October 7, 2011)

  Dear GO Evangelism Ministry Servants, I came across a booklet that you published while attending to my car  at a local garage.
  The booklet is titled "Where Are You Going Now?" "Where Will You Spend Eternity?"
  I read it in thoroughly and can say the truth of the Gospel is clearly articulated. I would like to  distribute this booklet at various venues including
  at my work place. Could you please advise the cost of ordering hundreds of these booklets or is it based on donations? God Bless.
  Keep up the good work until He returns. Regards, Harshad P., Sugar Land, Texas (September 26, 2011)
  Hi, God bless you too! I am in receipt of the tracts that I ordered and I am very pleased with them and GO Evangelism's declaration of faith is what I believe too.
  I will order more. I had accepted the Lord as my personal savior at the age of 16, served him for about 12 years then walked away.
  I made numerous mistakes and by His Grace have come to realize that he is my true answer to everything and he is all that I need. 
  A few months ago I rededicated my life to him. I have such a peace now. I am basically a one earthly person ministry, distributing the tracts in an area of
  New York where there are plenty of English and Spanish speaking people. So far I have not finished giving them out but I am happy to be in the Lord's service.
  I know His word will not return void. He said it, I believe it and I am holding him to it as I hand them to the souls out there that he also died for.
  I ask and thank you for your prayers that I will continue to hand out these tracts in faith. Jacques S. Saint Albans, NY 11412 (September 21, 2011)
  조영 장로님의 책 '나가자 선포하자 승리하자'를 은혜깊이 읽었습니다. 
  전도지 한국어판이 한국에서도 판매 가능한지, 구매 절차와 비용을 문의 드립니다. 윤용현올림 (새삶침례교회)  (September 20, 2011)
  Yes, please pray for our Evangelism Ministry. I ordered the tracts because I really want to spend time with my kids
  to do an outreach here in our community (Coquitlam, Canada). Please pray that we'll be able to hand them all out personally
  to the people that God will lead us to. God Bless. Emily. British Columbia, Canada (August 19, 2011)

British Columbia, Canada

Hi Spencer, I decided to purchase the 500 tracts because I am setting up my sound system for an event for someone it's call "Healing & Release"
  on August 13, 2011, New York City Coney Island Beach Boardwalk. There will be yoga, body massage, dancing and music. So I thought it will be a good
  opportunity to pass on the word of GOD and to introduce JESUS CHRIST our LORD and Savior to to the people there for the Real "Heal & Release".
  And if I can get at least one person to repent and be saved, this will only be the beginning.
I want to thank you for your service and support. GOD BLESS YOU, Ed Carrero - from New York City (August 1, 2011)
  조영장로님! 보내주신 3,600권의 전도지를 반가움과 기쁨 가운데 받았습니다.
  지난 번 보내 주셨던  전도지는 복음을 전하며 선원들에게  다 나누어 주어서 지금은 전도지가 절대적으로 필요한 시기였는데
  마침 많은 전도지를 보내주셔서 참으로 감사합니다. 장로님 하시는 사역에 아름다운 열매가 풍성하게 맺어지시기를 위하여 기도합니다.
장로님 감사합니다. 살롬 워싱턴주 타코마 항만에서 배진규 선교사 드림  Tacoma Port Chaplain Bae Jin Kyu, Tacoma, WA (July 23, 2011)
  Dear Brother Spencer: I was thrilled to receive your kind letter and the attached documents.
  As you said, I have got print out the tracts and gone through them line by line. I appreciated the translator for the perfect translation of the copies.
  The tract is full of beautiful colors with a simple message to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached people.
  Due to the shortage and lack of evangelistic to present the gospel message and discipleship materials for the new believers in our mission field,
  the churches are not growing and expanding up to its estimation. A common problem in our churches in Myanmar is that the churches have little
  or no materials. Even after years of ministry and investment of human resources, church growth is relatively low.
  I therefore shall be most grateful to you for you kind permission to translate your materials into Tedim Chin (my own language) and Siyin dialect
  for the tribal ethnic Animism for the extension of God’ kingdom in Myanmar. In the Lord's Service. Pastor Pau, MYANMAR (July 18, 2011)



  Dear, Spencer, I got the tracts yesterday and they look great!
  We'll be going to La Paz, Bolivia from 7/18 to 7/28 for mainly for VBS, but we also want to do street evangelism mainly with gospel tracts.
  Yes, please pray for us that the tracts will open Bolivian's spiritual eyes to read and understand the truth and come to know Jesus.
  God bless, Ki Choi, Burke, VA (July 13, 2011)

타코마항의 해양선교 소식. 타코마항에서 다시 인사드립니다. 우리 구주 예수 그리스도의 이름으로 GO전도선교회 모든 사역자들과

  사랑하는 조영장로님께 문안 드리며 타코마항의 해양선교 소식을 전합니다Tacoma Port Chaplain Bae Jin Kyu, Tacoma, WA (July 8, 2011)

Dear Servants at GO Evangelism Ministry! Precious Christ Greetings from India to you all in the matchless name of Jesus Christ.

  We have a great desire to reach many precious souls who are dying without salvation in their lives those are precious to God and as a Servant of all my
  brothers and sisters in India are also precious to me. I have a plan to reach many more souls for Christ Jesus this year. We are formed as a group and
  some pastors and evangelists are also working with us in reaching many people with the Good news of Christ. This year has to be a fruitful to our harvest.

Please help us to distribute Tracts in Railway stations, Bus Stations, Hospitals, Prisons, Markets yards, and market places where we find more people.

  We would also like to conduct open air meetings in villages where we find more people without good news and salvation. Evangelist Kiran, India (July 4, 2011)
  Dear Brother in Christ. Greetings in the name of Jesus. Yesterday I have discovered your website and was very impressed with the collection of tracts
  as well as the ideas presented in how the distribution of tracts can be an effective ministry. From time to time I hand out tracts but with the new knowledge
  gained I am now motivated to make it a ministry. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Yours in Christ, Norma B., Mt. Vernon, NY (June 27, 2011)
  Thank you for your prompt attention, Me and my husband have just placed an order under my husbands name FILIPO TATO.
  Your gospel tracts are very colorful, eye catching and exciting... God bless you and your ministry,  Can't wait to receive our order.
God bless! Filipo and Lillian Tato, New South Wales, Australia (June 17, 2011)

New South Wales, Australia

  Praise the Lord Brethren, We've finally printed GO Gospel Tracts in Swahili and started distribution.
  The response is good so far, students carry them, I deliver them to bus stops and ferries, town buses and it is great. 
  I also plan to give it to different churches that they can be used by their Street evangelism groups.
  Finally, I am thinking of increasing my knowledge on witnessing to people, especially people with Islamic background.
  As you might know I am still employed as a Marketing Manager for a manufacturing industry, but I am studying more
  about Evangelism and when I am ready I will quit work and go to full time ministry as the Lord leads.

God Bless you!  Francis Rwebogora, Tanzania, Africa (June 2, 2011)

  Wordless Tracts for Children:  I am very interested in the wordless Tracts to use in our ministry among the Non literate people of Cambodia. 
  Please send information to our secretary in the USA so she can place the order for us.  William McDonough, Int'l Director (May16, 2011)
  Hello brethren, I'm writing to you to inform you that the long awaited GO Evangelism Tracts in Kiswahili language will be out soon.
  I have managed to make 10,000 tracts to begin with as I have been allowed to pay in installments as I collect them.
  Could you please send me your address that I can send you the 8 copies you requested for your file.
  I once again thank you for your cooperation in making this happen. God bless you. Francis Rwebogora, Tanzania, Africa. (May 5, 2011)
  Hello, Spencer, Thank you very much for your willingness to send me some Japanese and Korean language gospel tracts for my students.
  I believe with what has happened in Japan recently with the earthquakes, the hearts and minds of our friends may be more open to the Good News
  than they have been previously and I don't want to miss this opportunity to share with them.
  It would be a great blessing if we have many people come to the English study I have in my home over the next several years.
  Thank you for your generosity. God Bless You! I love to serve Him,  Marilyn, Holland, OH (April 28, 2011)
  Thank you so very much for sending the Gospel Kids Tracts. The tracts will be shipped to Roatan, Honduras, the first of May
  and will be used in a medical clinic being held at Flowers Bay Baptist Church in Roatan June 10th thru 18th. 
  Please pray that the Holy Spirit gives us boldness in sharing the Gospel, blesses us with the gifts of Pentecost, and provides us with safe travel.
  Please also pray that the cost of the plane tickets drops and that our supplies arrive safely. 
  Blessings to you. Happy Easter! Sherry S. Moncks Corner, SC. (April 24, 2011)
  Dear Brother Spencer Cho, Blessings in the Precious and Holy Name of our Lord and Savior, who is coming soon
  to collect His bride from this planet earth. The signals and signs of closing days of grace era are becoming visible and thus we are ordained
  by the Lord Holy Spirit to proclaim the mysteries of Revelation. Yesterday it was a blessed day when Lord Holy Spirit used us to warn, alert and
  prepare people of grace era for the departure of Saints towards heavenly realms. We preached His Word in Catholic families of Slaughter house.
  At 5:15 evening I preached His message “As it was in the Days of Noah” with the 100% prophetic inspiration and exegesis interpretation.
  The chapel is located at St.Paul’s School-Wah Cantt. The congregation appreciated the subject of our Sermon which was deeply related with the
  current event and issues of the ongoing world.  The message was powerful which touched the lives of people. I urge Pastors and Evangelists to fulfill 
  the duties of Spiritual meteorologist in these last days. However, I was able to explain the whole word by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  Jesus is coming Soon…………Servant of the Lord and His Christ, Rev. Anil Jasper  (April 12, 2011)
  Dear SPENCER I greet you in the name of JESUS and I hope this finds you well. I am still getting ready to print the GO TRACTS here in Tanzania.
  I had a few financial constraints but I thank God he is delivering me out of it. Once I print them I will surely send you the sample copies as you requested.

Thanks once again and God bless you. Francis, Tanzania, Eastern Africa (April 6, 2011)

  Thank you for sending this order so quickly. I do covet your prayers as I try to fulfill God's call to share Jesus Christ with the lost in this area.
  I currently work in this ministry alone (Not really alone for God is with me). The area I live in is principally Roman Catholic and Atheist, which can
  make for a difficult field to achieve a harvest from, but the Lord reaps where He has not sown, so I will continue to trust Him for the harvest.
  I love your GO tracts! I wish you produced more. I’ve found your tracts to be well thought out, biblically accurate and effective in relaying the Gospel.
  I pray the Lord Jesus Christ will bless your ministry. Your brother in the Lord, Isaiah A. Madison, WI (April 1, 2011)
  할렐루야! 너무나 감사합니다. 저희 교회에서 전도를 하면서 전도지에 대해 많은 논의를 했는데 이 GO전도지를 쓰게되어 너무 좋습니다.
  저도 개인적으로 가지고 다니며 전도하게 되어 감사합니다. 전도하기가 쉽고 인터넷에 올려준 전도 사례도 많이 도움이 되고 도전이 되어 감사합니다. 
  예수님을 구주로 믿는 분들 특히 전도가 어렵다고 생각한 분들이 이것을 사용하여 전도하는 것과   이 전도지를 받은 모든 사람들이 구원을 받고
  하나님을 섬기기를 위해 날마다 기도합니다. THE GRACE OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST BE WITH YOU. Esther Choi, Abington, PA (March 31, 2011)
  Dear Friends at Go Evangelism, I love your Gospel Tracts and regularly distribute them and witness for the Lord.
  I am very happy to see that they are now available in King James Version which is my preferred version.
  I am ready to order more, but wonder if it is possible to get the order filled with only two of the cover designs. I would take double
  of the two covers: Time is Fast Running Out, and Where Will You Spend Eternity.  Please inform me and I will place my order.
  I have never found a Gospel Tract that so completely and clearly explains how to get saved, and with such attractive colors and graphics
  that will draw people to read them.  My burden and prayer is, “Lord give me souls.” I am sure that is also yours, and

may God grant it for both of us. Sincerely, Claire G. Plano, TX  (March 9, 2011)


  Hi Spencer, The project has started.  I’m working with Christian translators who are either missionaries in the native country,
  are professors at a seminary, have translated several other Christian books and publications, are actively involved in Christian ministry, etc. 
  I’m still in the process of selecting translators for a few of the languages. As we agreed, each translation is also being proofread and edited by
  a second translator. Then, after you provide me with a PDF after it’s been typeset, the translator will do a final review to make sure everything is correct.
  I told the translators to select the Bible Translation which is most relevant to Christians living in the countries where these Gospel Tracts will be used. 
  They would know best. The Arabic translation is currently being done. I didn’t know if you had someone who could review the translation. 
  I’m currently getting with the other languages so we can get all of these going.  Thanks, Jim C. (February 15, 2011)


Dear Spencer, Thank you brother for those wonderful words of encouragement. God bless you brother in your ministry.
  I will work on the idea of putting into a YouTube video. That's a great idea! Thanks. Blessings!  Dan D. (February 9, 2011)
  Dear Dan, Blessings! It's a greatly inspired poem that needs to be read and meditated by the millions of unsaved souls.
  It would be a great idea if you'd be able to create a video and share it with millions of Youtube.com audiences.
  I received my shipment.  Thank you!  We will be working with the children's ministry and doing an outreach with the kids in our community.
  May God bless you and Thank you for praying for our Ministry. The children's ministry name is P.A.C.K. Ministry of Iglesia Poder de Dios
  which stand for Powerfully Anointed Christian Kids.  Once again, THANK YOU!!  :) Lizzette. Valencia, CA (February 4, 2011)
  We received the GO Gospel tract order today--thank you!  We like to hand out those tracts to people we meet day to day. 
 We aren't in formal ministry, just involved in our local church.  Thanks so much for the prayers!  Thanks for putting out great tracts.
  Cast all your care upon Him for He cares for you. 1 Peter 5: 7 Andy & Anna, Lincoln, NE (February 4, 2011)
  Hi Spencer, I received the Bi-Lingual English/Spanish Gospel Tracts last Thursday. I ordered these for someone in my Bible Study group.
  She was looking for some tracts to pass out to people during her walks or doctors appointments or whenever the Lord seems to lead her.
  She is bi-lingual and I found your tracts on the internet and bought these for her. She has already told me that she has given some to
people around town. Thank you for the wonderful tracts! God bless, Gail C., La Luz, NM (February 3, 2011)
  Blessings Brethren at GO Evangelism Ministry.
  I hope you are all fine continuing with the work of the LORD. I submitted the finished work to the printers and obtained my quotation on it.
  They reckon it will cost 600+vat Tsh (1/2 a dollar) per copy for 10,000 copies to begin with since this is more than a tracts as it contains 12 pages.
  Most tracts we are used to are made of A4 paper and folded into 6 pieces. Once I run the printing I will send you the 12 copies you requested for your file.
  I thank you again for your cooperation. Yours in Christ.  Francis R. Tanzania, Eastern Africa (February 1, 2011)
  My Dearest Brother and Sister in Christ, Praise the Lord... Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
  I am Pastor Peter F. John (Founder & Director) Pakistan Gospel Ministries and I would like to introduce our Ministry work that we are doing
  to extend His kingdom in Pakistan. We Invite you from the bottom of our heart come and preach & teach among our nation and see the work
  that we are doing to help establishing the community & kingdom of God in Pakistan. Please give our love and Greetings to your body of Christ there.

Yours in Christ, Pastor Peter F. John & Team, Pakistan (January 31, 2011)

  The area I will be distributing GO Gospel Tracts will be the whole of Tanzania that means 25 regions. But initially I will start with the 4 main cities
  including Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Mwanza and Dodoma. And the people group I am specifically targeting is teenagers from 15 to adults’ up to 45.
  These are the people easily to reach and I think they are at the most attack from the enemy. The reason being less funds at this stage, but as the
  awareness increases and the people begin to be touched with this service, I believe the Lord will speak to his people and they might give towards this
  and enable us to print more copies and expand to the whole of Tanzania. I am expecting to print 10,000 copies to begin with, and more as we go on.
  To the end of this year with God’s help we could be on 500,000 copies in Jesus name!

I believe having the tracts could help me touch more people and make the Gospel more effective and reach far, more that just a word of mouth.

  I have a lot of pastor friends that will help me distribute the tracts even in the rural area where they are servicing.
  It pains me a lot to see people especially young people being lost in this worlds pleasures and involving themselves
  in things that brings the wrath of God upon them.  FRANCIS R.  From Tanzania, Eastern Africa (January 26, 2011)


  Greetings! I especially like to work on Christian projects because I can utilize my own faith and desire to find the best Christian translators and
  play a small part in helping share God’s Word literally around the world.  That’s exciting to me. I checked with a couple dozen Christian translators. 
  They are from a variety of backgrounds including being involved in ministry themselves or having translating Christian books for years, etc..
  I have an Arabic typesetter who is a Christ-follower living in Lebanon.  He is the brother-in-law of the Arabic translator who is a Seminary professor
  in Texas I used her and her husband (both seminary professors) to translate a Christian book into Arabic last year and it worked out real well.
  With them working together, that will really help make sure we produce a top-quality, finished Arabic tract. That means the group I put
  together will translate + proofread + proofread (after typesetting) into the 8 languages AND provide the Arabic typesetting.
  Please let me know what you think and we can go from there.  Jim C.  Christian Translators, Fishers, IN  (January 24, 2011)
  Blessings, I greet you in the name of the LORD. I thank you for your mail I have just received it. I have reviewed the Swahili tract online, it is nice!
  What a great work you have done. May the Almighty God bless you abundantly. Thank You!  Francis, Tanzania, Africa (January 24, 2011)
  Dear Sir, We distributed all the tracts. Now I want 1000. If God willing this year I would like to distribute 10000 Tracts.
  I got a Christian friend by the grace of God. She is working at St Francis hospital in  Long beach as a security in parking lot. 
  She is a born again believer. She can distribute person to person nicely that is why, I would like to order more tracts. Abraham, Torrance, CA  (January 17, 2011)
  Dear Spenser,  just got the tracts today and they look great. My self and Charles go out every Tuesday evening on visitation as long as
  weather permits. We hand out the tract and sometimes if they seem interested a gospel of John. We may have a young couple
  joining us that we can send out also . Thank you for wanting to pray for our ministry, please ask GOD to lead and work
through us in sharing the Good News. May our wonderful GOD bless you also. John T., Glidden, IA (January 17, 2011)
Dear Spencer, Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
It's my pleasure talking to you this morning. We prefer to receive KJV version.
  Thanks very much for your support spreading the word of God in Australia. Perth Pentecostal Assembly Inc., George and Daisy, Australia (January 13, 2011)


  Dear Brother Spencer, I just received the powerful and colorful graphic tracts “ The Greatest Love Story”. It is a powerful tract that impacts
  the lives of young, middle age , and old population. And it’s bilingual. My wife loved it. My ministry is in the streets preaching the gospel to anybody
  with an open heart. With these tracts it’s much more easier to spread the word regardless of the individual’s age.  May the Lord Jesus Christ
  continue to bless your ministry till his TRIUMPHANT RETURN .AMEN*** David Sanchez Manassas, VA (January 4, 2011)
  아멘! 오늘 아침 출근길 1 시간 기차 안에서 오늘도 이땅에 주님의 복음이 전파 되기 위하여 수고 하시는 장로님의 사역을 위하여 기도 드렸습니다.
  성령 충만 하시고 건강 하시고 전도의 문이 활짝 열리기를 기도 드림니다. 어제 새해 첫 출근날 오후에 맨하탄 34가 보로드웨이 코너 메이시 백화점
  앞에서 복음을 전했습니다. 주님 오실날이 가까워 지는데 저들이 듣던지 듣던지 노아 처럼 주님의 명령에 순종하여 복음을 전하면
  주께서 구원 하시기로 작정한 사람들에게 GO 전도지 속에 기록된 하나님의 말씀이 역사 하실것을 믿으며...! 기도 해 주시며 격려 해 주시는
  장로님에게서 주님의 사랑을 느낍니다. 감사 드리고 주안에서 승리의 소식이 늘 오가기를 원합니다. New York 조종희 장로 (January 4, 2011) 
  Hi, BLESSINGS! I am so happy to hear from you. I totally agree with your idea. As you have suggested, that I translate the GO Gospel Tracts in Swahili,
  then you will prepare printable files with all the graphics and send it to me for the final proof reading and then confirm to you that it is OK to print.
  Now, after proof reading and the entire tract is ready in Swahili then I can proceed with the printing in TANZANIA? Is that right?
  You said your ministry could look for Christians world wide who may be interested in donating for printings in Tanzania, I really appreciate that,
  but even before you get people to donate, I will use my savings and probably get a few people who are HUNGRY for the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST
  and contribute for the PRINTING costs.
  We could start with fewer copies i.e.  (10,000) according to the money we will have and continue with more copies as the LORD provides.
  How often do you do the TRACTS? I would prefer to have one every month if possible.
  Tanzania is a huge country with 47milions, with a lot of youth that are perishing from HIV infections, alcohol addictions and a lot of ORPHANS
  who have lost parents due to HIV. I felt a voice inside me, that I could use Powerful Tracts to change lives of people before The Lord
  elevates me to another level. I am also intending to train as an EVANGELIST early next year that I can be hands on in saving souls.
  I really appreciate your help, and GOD bless you mightily and I am looking forward hearing from you. I will send you a Swahili 
  translated tract ASAP. GOD BLESS YOU. FRANCIS RWEBOGORA  From Tanzania, Eastern Africa (December 30, 2010)
  Dear Brother Spencer, Greetings from Myanmar! and Merry Christmas to you all!
  I hope that the email messages I have sent to you will be helpful for your ministry. I would like to apology concerning communication by email.
  I am living in Khampat and whenever I want to check email messages from you I need to go to Kale Town which is 47 miles far from Khampat Town.
  Thus I face trouble in communication with you in time. In our country, setting the internet is very difficult for it costs (Ks.15,000,000).
  So we can not buy it, and internet connection in Myanmar country is very slow and sometimes the connection is off and prohibit by the
  government of Myanmar. We are praying for this internet so that we may have by our ministry so that we may work for the Lord's ministry in time.
  And in order to contact each one another in easily, we need Telephone but it costs (Ks.850,000 ) we can not buy it.
  So we are praying for telephone so that we may have it for our easy communication. So we would like to request you for telephone,
  we would be very glad if you can help and support us for telephone. If you can help us then we may buy at once and it will be very helpful
  and useful in our communication. Please pray for the needs of  our ministry.  Pastor Joseph Phun Ceu  Myanmar  (December 25, 2010)


  Hi, I have just received one of your GO! flyers from a street-preaching group on Hollywood Blvd.
  I have accepted Yeshua as my Lord and Savior and want to be with the Most High for eternity.
  I also seek like-minded brothers and sisters.  I am a young earth creationist,
  i.e. literal 6 day creation -6,000 years ago. In Christ, Markus B.  Hollywood, CA.  (December 23, 2010)
  Hello, GO Evangelism! I am desperately searching for a tract, "Steps to Peace With God".  I need this in the Creole language. 
  This tract was published by Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and they recommended I contact you. 
  We have a mission team of 12 going to Haiti Jan 13th and would like to have a supply to take with us to use as we witness to the tent people. 
  We are also serving at an orphanage and can use these with the 20 girls. Please let me know if these are available, and how soon you can ship. 
Thank you. Blessings!  Sally E. Christ Church, Vero Beach, Florida  (December 22, 2010)

  주님의 거룩한 동역자로 수고하시는 조영 장로님!
  저는 배진규 항만목사입니다. 켈리포니아 롱비치 항구에서 사역하는 지난 2년 6개월 동안 전도와 선교자료가 절실하게 필요할 때 장로님께 부탁을 드려 2번에
  걸쳐서 전도자료를 공급 받았습니다. 지금 저는 북미주 항만선교사 모임의 의견에 따라 한국인 항만선교사란 분도 없는 이곳 와싱턴주 타코마 항으로 파송되어
  매일과 같이 선원센터를 찾아오는 6~70여명의 세계 각국에서 찾아오는 이슬람과 힌두교와 불교 및 케토릭 신자들인 선원들을 만나 복음을 전하고 있습니다.
  제가 사역하고 있는 이곳 선원센터는 선원들에게 복음을 전하던 곳이 아니라 봉사사역을 우선으로 봉사하던 선원센터인데 제가 오면서 200스퀘어피트 정도의
  모빌 하우스를 빌려 그곳에 매일같이 바이블 스터디와 예배를 드릴 수 있도록  준비하고 있습니다.
  세계적인 경기침체를 벗어나지 못하고 있는 지금 이곳 선원센터에도 많은 어려움이 있어 예배드릴 장소에 전기를 비롯하여 교회를 꾸미는 모든 일을 제가 해야
  하기 때문에 선원들과 함께 정상적 예배를 드리고 성경을 가르치기 까지는 약간의 시간이 필요할 것입니다.
  지금은 크리스마스 시즌이라 선원들에게 전달하고 예수님을 전하기 위하여 약 1850개의 성탄선물 꾸러미를 준비하여 부두에 정박중인 선원들을 찾아가 전달하며
  위로하고 있습니다. 한 가지 참 아쉬운것은 그간 전도나 복음을 전하지 않던 선원센터이고 제가 이곳으로 사역지를 옮긴지 이제 2달도 채 되지 않아서 전도책자를
  준비하지 못한채 말로 성경을 들려주고 기도해 주며 전도하고 있습니다.
  이곳 항구에 주로 찾아오는 선원들은 필립핀선원과 중국, 러시아와 유크레이나, 한국과 인도 및 인도네시아 선원들인데 이들에게 복음을 전하고 나누어 줄
  전도지가 충분히 있었으면 좋겠습니다. 혹시 가능하시면 제가 사역하고 있는 곳에서도 필요한 전도지를 공급 받을 수 있을까요? 장로님의 하시는 사역을
  위해 늘 기도하고 있습니다. 강건하시고 평안 하시기를 위하여 기도하겠습니다. 샬롬 Tacoma, Washington. 배진규 항만선교사 드림 (December 16, 2010)
  Dear Brethren in Christ, Blessings and Greetings from Peace & Unity in Christ Ministries Pakistan We greet you in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  First of all, we praise God for this wonderful opportunity to share Peace & Unity in Christ Ministries Pakistan activities with you. Peace & Unity in Christ Ministries Pakistan
  is a  non-profit Christian ministry. We are registered by the Govt. of Pakistan. Our vision and calling is to reach the un-reached, un-churched and remote areas of Pakistan.
  Our purpose is to fulfill the Great Commission that Jesus gave to us "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." (Mark 16:15).
  We are dedicated to spreading the Good News of the redemption of mankind by the blood of Jesus Christ in hopes that Pakistani people will accept Jesus Christ as Savior
  and Lord and receive eternal life. We are doing cottage prayer meetings and open air prayer meetings to the un-reached areas.
  The areas we are focusing on preaching in Muslim & Hindus, church planting, Sunday school, leadership development Education of children & capacity building.
  Through Sunday school we develop every part of a child-spirit, soul, and body – through worship, teaching, prayer, fellowship and evangelism and we are committed to see
  that each child knows Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and is trained for a lifetime of service. We invite you to come on a Mission Trip to Pakistan to preach to the
  un-reached sections of Pakistan. We would be delighted for you to visit in Pakistan to encourage us and our needy people. We ask you to stand with us in prayer & support.
  We would like to invite those of you the Lord has called to come and be a part of the great Harvest in Pakistan. Pray for the needs of our ministry that we are engaged in
  spreading Gospel to Muslims, & Hindus in Pakistan. We need ministries donor for the ministry work in Pakistan, we have 35 Pastors & 14-Elders who are working with us
  in Different areas of Pakistan. We want to plant churches in different areas of Pakistan. We request you to share about our ministries with your Church family or ministries
  leadership team & respond to us as the Lord leads you. Looking forward to hearing from you. God bless you abundantly. With humble prayers and regards,
  Christ is Coming Soon!  Time is Running Out Fast!  Win Souls for Christ!  Pastor Ravi Daniel from Pakistan  (December 15, 2010)


  Respected Prayer warriors' Greetings to you in Jesus name,
  Thank you for prayers, I want to request you to kindly remember Balance of Truth Fellowship in your prayers as we  want to start 2000 prayer groups
  in coming 5 years. Please remember this work in your prayers that God may help us to achieve this goal with the power of Holy Spirit.
  Please pray for all co workers who are doing ministry in different parts of India. With kind regards. David Singh, Ajmer, INDIA (December 13, 2010)
  Dear Spencer,  You mentioned in your last e-mail that you would like to learn more about our Ministries Activities;
  Salvation for Chinese Church belongs to the Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance, an international movement well established since 1915.
  Our vision is to reach Chinese people for Jesus in London and in the United Kingdom.
  Our church follows closely with the Cell Church principles. Its aim is to take a person from salvation to becoming a disciple of Christ.
  Our Church currently has five congregations, meeting every week serving the needs of the Chinese main language groups: Cantonese, Mandarin and
  English in two central London locations on Sundays and locations around London during weekdays. The members of the congregations also meet
  in various cell groups across London and the South East of England. We hope the GO! Chinese Tracts will be an useful tool for our evangelistic events.
  God Bless, Christopher K., SCC Church Administrator, London, United Kingdom  (December 10, 2010)
  Please remember us in your daily Prayers. Prayer and Faith is the key for this work. From Ganapathinagar, Samalkot, India
  I have heard of  your vision, zeal, and efforts to reach our country with the Gods word, we seek your  prayers in fellowship for our ministries .
  The  time to  explore the ways and means of working together is at hand. Pray for us. Our  prayers to out for you and your ministry.
  Once again I say thank you and may the God continue to bless you and your ministry. So that you will be able to win more souls for Christ in this final
  hour. Thank you praying and looking forward to see your soon reply. Grace be with you all, Amen. Pastor T. Blessings, Samalkot, India (Dec 5, 2010)

Samalkot, India

  Dear GoEvangelism,
  Just to let you know, I received my complete English tract package this morning, safe and secure…

Thank you all and God bless, Chris Cope, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa (November 18, 2010)


South Africa

  Dear GO Evangelism Ministry,
  We are so glad to receive this message from "GO! EVANGELISM. I am the responsible of this missionary group.
  We are three men who stand with the gospel and go to the villages of Côte d'Ivoire and preach the Gospel with our natural voice, Gospel Tracts,
  and Gospel film projecting (with video projector). God is faithful. He save the lost, heal them and make a lot of miracles among the population.
  So about your need , I am qualified to translate GO! EVANGELISM tracts into French. In the group I am the only who is bilingual (French and English). 
  I read some of yours gospel tracts, I like the way that the expression is very simple. So any person can read it and understand easily.
  The gospel message must be simple. JESUS BEYOND THE NATIONS INNOCENT EKOUE, Cote D'Ivoire, West Africa  (November 17, 2010)

West Africa

  The following message was received after our GO Ministry shipped 1,100 tracts to South Africa, providing FREE Airmail Shipping.
  OH WOW!!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you…
  I was a bit worried about the shipping costs, but praise the Lord, God has undertaken through your generous offer…
  God bless you all… Pastor Chris Cope (Joy Cope’s special Son)  Kwazulu Natal, South Africa  (Nov 3, 2010)
  할렐루야! LA의 온누리교회의 전도 소식에 늘 부족한 저희들은 부러움과 함께 큰 감명을 받고 있읍니다.
  주님 오실 징조는 처처에 보이는데 잠자는 뉴욕의 교회들이 안타까울 따름입니다.
온세계로 복음이 전파될수 있는 곧고도 직선적인 황금어장을 외면하지 말고 총력을 기우려 전도 한다면-
  땅끝까지 복음이 전파될때 그제야 끝이 온다는- 주님의 재림의 때를 마추어 드리는 지름길이 되리라 생각됩니다.
토요일마다 4-500명 에게 그리고 주중에도 전도는 게속 되고 있읍니다. 전도의불이 꺼지지 않고 더욱 활활 붙도록 계속 기도해 주십시요
영어 와 스페니쉬 함께 제작된 전도지 3000매를 부탁 드리겠읍니다. 장로님의 사역에 늘 성령께서 함께 하시기를 기도 드립니다.
                                                                                                                                 New York 조종희  장로  드림 (Oct 29, 2010)
  I received the gospel tracts on October 26th just fine.  My ministry is that of volunteer chaplain at a local jail. 
  I set up a table of literature for the inmates to select materials that interest them. Thank you for your prayers.
  Pray that ladies will regularly come to my Bible study. US Fish & Wildlife Service. Dorothy C. (Oct 28, 2010)
  I am a trip leader for GoodNews International (goodnewsinternational.org). We train churches in international mission fields to do personal
  evangelism via short term training teams. Currently we are in Liberia Africa where we go once or twice a year to the same church for training.
  We then we take them out on a short-term evangelical mission trip within their own country where they desire to do church-planting.
  Much of Liberia is war-torn and little education has happened over the last 15 years so I ordered your wordless children's tracts to help them
  share with fellow nearly illiterate Liberians. I pray they compliment our oral presentation of the gospel well. Jerry T.  (Oct 27, 2010)
  Thanks so much and Blessings to all of you at GO Evangelism.
  We received the tracts yesterday as we expected, we are a small church in Santa Clarita with a big vision of evangelism the community.
  We are located in Newhall, we love your material and is a blessing for our church Lluvias de Gracia. Thanks for your prayers. Francisco G. (Oct 22, 2010)
  I have received my order of the gospel tracks. Thank you so much.  God's ministry is Hope of Glory International.  Hope for the Lost and Hurting. 
  We are reaching out through this weekend through a clothes giveaway, along with Hot Dogs, chips and sodas.
  This is just the start of going out to the community.
  Please continue to pray that we do all that God is calling for us to reach souls and win them for the Kingdom of God. God Bless, Pastor Lori J. (Oct 18, 2010)
  진심으로 감사드립니다. 저는 독일프랑크푸르트 주찬양교회 간사로 섬기고 있습니다. 물론 신학을 공부하고 있구요. 홈페이지를 보면서 장로님 사역에
  큰 은혜 받습니다. 천국복음사역을 위해 중보 기도 드리겠습니다. 이 독일 프랑크푸르트에는 많은 한국인이 있지만 믿지 않는 불쌍한 영혼들이 너무나
  많습니다. 유럽은 점점 모슬렘화 되어 가고 교회는 계속 문을 닫고 있습니다.  신실한 크리스천도 있지만 그것은 정말 적습니다. 그래서 이지역의
  복음화와 부흥을 위해 노력하며 시도하고 있습니다.
  그러나 이지역에 한국어로 된 전도지도 얼마 없고 인터넷으로 찾아봐야 교회의 형식적 광고가 대세이고 예수를 믿으면 축복 받는다는 수박걷핥기 
  전도지에 실망이 컸습니다. 지금 시대를 영적으로 분간하며 더욱 마지막 복음을 위해 움직여야 한다는 성령님의 말씀 아래 이번에 보내주실
  전도지와 함께 이 지역 뿐 아니라 독일과 유럽을 위해 기도하며 복음 전하기 원합니다. 기회가 되면 영어 독일어로 된 전도지도 함께 주문하겠습니다.
  다시 한번 장로님 같은 귀한 사역자를 알게 해 주신 하나님께 감사드리며 이번 소포 받으면 바로 연락드리겠습니다.
  주 안에서 김 간사 드림.  Frankfurt, Germany (October 6, 2010)
  Thank for sending my order so quick.  I was awaiting it because I'm starting a new ministry at our church were I will be visiting the first time visitors
  from our church and I will be passing out the tracts I order.  Again, I received my package today and thank you very much.  God Bless You all.
  Miriam  (Sept 30, 2010)
  Thanks!  I received your tracts yesterday.  I am Chaplain for a Correctional Services Company.  At this time we have a contract with Immigration,
  Customs and Enforcement.  We detainee about 1900 illegal's.  We have illegal's from around the world. I would be interested when you get tracts
  in other languages. Thanks I keep in touch, Blessings, Chaplain Hinojosa J    (Sept 2, 2010)
  Dear Spencer, I received the GO tracts yesterday (8/31/2010). Thank you for shipping them out in timely manner.
  I'm a member of Intercultural Ministry team of Bethel Presbyterian Church in Ellicott City. We see where we live is the mission field
  with so many different ethnic groups. We had mainly focused on Chinese and Hispanic population before, but since we began to use
  Go tracts we expanded the outreach to any non believers. We like the direct approach the GO tract takes and pray for more different
  language tracts to be available soon. Thank you for and appreciate your ministry. In Him.  D. Lee (Sept 1, 2010)
  Hi, Thanks for your interest and providing relevant, gospel-centered and attractive tracts. I plan to use these tracts with our apple Day event downtown, Excelsior,
  MN on Sept. 11. Please pray for us. We will be giving away free water, glow-in-the-dark cups for children, candy and hopefully engaging people in conversation.
  Last year we did some fun trivia questions on a dry erase board. That was fun. The event is from 8 – 4pm. There are food vendors and craft and antique booths.

Anyway, have a blessed day in Jesus! I am also thinking of going to the state fair for a day and hand out tracts. Jerry R. (August 26, 2010)

  This is to let you know I have received my order and I am highly satisfied!!  I will have you know that I will be a returning customer!
  Thank you very much. God Bless You! Stephanie C.  (August 24, 2010)
  I received my order and want to thank you.  My mother and I wanted to have tracts on hand to give to service workers in hotels and others when we travel
  and for use at home, too.  We have seen a marked growth in the Hispanic population in our area and we want to be able to share the Good News with them. 
  In addition, our family participates in an annual home building mission trip to Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico each fall and we will use the tracts then. 
  That is an area that has been spared so far from the dangers so prevalent in other parts of Mexico and we pray we will be able to continue to serve the Lord
   in that way and in that place it it is His will. We appreciate the high quality of your tracts and I'm sure we'll be ordering more in the future. 
God bless you and we will pray for your ministry as the Holy Spirit brings you to mind.  In Christ,  Judy P. (August 18, 2010) 
  Hi, We received the tracts today.  Our ministry is just taking opportunity whenever we have the chance to pass out tracts - nothing specific. 
  Please pray for the Lord to lead us to the people He wants these tracts to go to. Thank you. Barbara  (August 17, 2010)
  Hello.  I received the order today.  Thank you for such a prompt delivery.  It only took 24hrs to receive it.  Our ministry decided to reach out to college students.
So this summer we began going fishing at a local university and decided to use these wonderful booklets to pass out to the college students and invite them to
  one on one Bible study and worship.  We are a small ministry with four families and 10 children below age 17.
  Our goal is to grow and feed young college students because that's how we all started off.  Please pray for college students to accept our invitation to study
the Bible with them, grow in number, and be lead by Holy Spirit. God bless you, Darren M. (August 16, 2010)
  Hello, you met my family in Boston.  You were passing out tracts and my wife saw you.  We pass out tracts here in Fort Worth, and also
we open air preach.  We would love to meet you if you are here sometime. Ron Gospel to the Perishing Ministries (August 1, 2010)
  I passed out 1500 GO Gospel Tracts at Lansing's Common Grounds Festival. this past 2 weeks - it was me against 35,000 people and
  1 week of national bands including Ludicris.etc, I will continue to order tracts in the future. God Bless you all - Charlie (July 22, 2010)
  Brother Spencer, I received the Bilingual tracts today. I am very satisfied with them, they are more than I expected.
  The bilingual idea is perfect for today’s society. You are a trusted disciple of Christ, Thank you making these available.

God Bless you and your Ministry. Loyd R.   (July 20, 2010)

  Thank you for your response to my recent tract order. We are starting an Evangelistic Outreach
  at ourchurch and handing out tracts is one of the methods we will be using to get the message out.
  Thank you and God Bless you & your ministry.  Charles (June 11, 2010)
  Give God the Glory!  My order has arrived and many thanks,,,,we  r  n our third annual Jesus Youth rally...  each year it is growing...
  it is at a fairground,,,  many local bands come and our youth pastor speak .. we have prayer tent..(always) many activities there...
  and we also witness at our local area,,,please keep n prayer..thanks again and Bless U...God is Good! Warren  (June 10, 2010)
  Sorry I did not respond to you sooner, but the tracts arrived safe and sound to my North Carolina address.  I have packed them up and will
  be taking them to Thailand on the first of July.  My wife and I started an inner city youth drop in center in Pattaya, Thailand about 7 years
  ago.  It is still going well and is under Thai leadership now.  We still support and help give some direction for the ministry. 
  The minister there is also helping to lead a prison ministry team.  This team goes to the police holding cells three times a week and shares
  with the people there, bringing them food, water and meeting some of their basic needs.  Many of those encarcerated are Cambodians who
  came to Thailand illegally.  They have see God do amazing works in the people but are currently out of any materials in Cambodian.
  This will be a great blessing to them.  We have another friend who has been ministering in Poi Pet for the last 6 years and will receive
some of the tracts as well.  Thank you for making them available.  Please pray as they are distributed... that lives would be changed by God.
                                                                                                                   Matt Lutz    (June 9, 2010)
  Hello Spencer, our GO tract order has been received today 5-29-10.
  We have been soul winners over 30 yrs - retired missionaries to the American Indians - husband now has dementia and is 77 and
  homebound.  We desire to continue to bear fruit in our old age - we are now starting a mail out home  ministry of gospel tracts.
  i am his wife and caregiver. Your prayers for this ministry will be appreciated - May God Bless you. Baron & Nancy (May 25, 2010)
  I find your GO Gospel Tracts to be a mighty tool to reach a lot of people all over the world. I was inspired by it and I am thinking of
  creating a Power Point presentation of  one of your tracts with your permission to  to send to relatives and friends.
  This is my way of sharing the Gospel to the world. For your consideration. Blessings and favors! Jun D. (May 8, 2010)
  Hello, letting you know that I received the tracts, and was very excited to get them it such a short time.  I am in the ministry of witnessing
  for my Lord.  I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. I am 70 yrs old, and believe that no matter ones age we all should be ambassadors
  for the Lord.  I am going to use the tracts along with other materials I have put in folders for my unsaved family members and friends. 
  I have Spoken with them on the phone and in person about salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.  They are procrastinating,  and I feel
  the urgency is great.  Jesus is coming soon ,very soon and we must give witness to that fact. So, please pray for me ,as I go about my
  Savior's business.  Pray for my family, Friends and Neighbors. Yours in Christ...Dee (May 6, 2010)
  Thanks for your prompt shipment. The Turkish tracts arrived today. We are the Musical Mission Team. We will be holding concerts
  with evangelistic messages in Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, and Portugal this summer. We also try to distribute 1000 Gospel
  leaflets per day. In the past when we've traveled to Spain, we've seen many Turkish people at rest stops and freeways plazas.
  This year I thought of this early enough that I was able to get some Turkish tracts (from you).
  Thanks for your prayers  and for your service to the Gospel ministry. Janie  (May 3, 2010)
  Hello Spencer, I received  my gospel tracts in good condition.  I sell small auto parts on E-Bay and put a tract in each package I mail out.
   Your tracts are a good gospel message and are ideal for what I need. Thank you. Walt
  Thank you. Today I received my package of tracts. I run a small tree service, and am constantly in contact with people from all walks of life.
  A tremendous opportunity to share the gospel has been given to me! I will be giving these tracts out to customers, leaving them in different
  places in all the small towns that we work in, will also be able to share them with Spanish speaking people I happen to see in my everyday
  travels. Please pray for me that I may grow ever more bolder to speak out for our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST…I KNOW THAT DEEP in my
  heart he tells me” tell them about me.” Thanks again for your gospel tracts, and your concern, and your prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yours in Christ,

Jerry Sperling

  Hi, I did want to let you know that my GO gospel tract order arrived.  Everything looks great and I plan to begin distributing them soon. 
  I enjoy enclosing tracts in my outgoing mail, or handing them out as God leads.   I often leave tracts in employee lounges or in restaurants
  when dining out.  I never discount how God may use a tract to lead someone to Christ.   Many years ago when I was camping with my
  family at a state park in Michigan, my dad left a tract in the park bathroom and shower facility.  When he went back to use the same
  bathroom the next day he saw the tract laying in a different spot so he went to move it back to the sink area.  When he picked it up he
  found a hand written note on the front of the tract.  It read "THANK YOU for leaving this here!"  It truly made the whole vacation seem
  worthwhile as we rejoiced in knowing that the Lord had used that tract to meet someone's spiritual need.
  Thanks for shipping these tracts out so promptly.  Blessings in Christ, Linda H.

Hello my Christian Brother or Sister - My name is Donna G. and I am helping the leaders of Oasis of Peace and Into the Nations 

  that are both 501 charitable organizations and are co-sponsoring an awesome event called JesusFest09 on Nov 6th and 7th at
  Metropolitan Park in Jacksonville, FL.  I am seeking other organization who can help by donations or discounted prices to further help
  in our quest to increase the Kingdom of God.  I have been searching for Christian Tracts that fully explains the plight that we humans
  find ourselves in as sinners and the consequences of our sins being either eternal salvation or eternal damnation. 
  Your tracts are powerfully done and the best I have found.
  I do not know how many people we can expect at this event but I know that God is going to do a powerful work in
  Jacksonville, FL on November 6th & 7th and thereafter because this is just the beginning.
  I would like to ask GO Evangelism Ministries to be a part of JesusFest09 by either donating tracts or allowing us to purchase them
  at a discounted price.  Your help will not only increase God’s Kingdom but also give you eternal rewards. In His service, Donna G.
  I received the order on Wednesday, thank you. The tracts will be very useful. I work for a company that does demolition and dismantling
  of industrial plants, power plants etc. I travel all over the country (as in drive 75,000 miles a year) viewing the plants and putting together our
  bids. In my travels I meet so many “ lost people”  I sometimes seem overwhelmed. However, I can only take it one day a time. These tracts
  will be a useful tool with my witness for the lord. I am a member of the Wayne Baptist Church. Please pray that the tracts will open lost one’s
  hearts. Thank you again, Tom
  We received the tracts & we loved it! Precise, direct, powerful message. We would love to order more in the near future.
  We are planning to aggressively evangelize the whole neighborhood in the surrounding community. 
  The Mayor of the town attended our service on Sunday and pray that this will be an avenue where doors will be open.
  Thanks and God bless, Ruby
  I did receive the GO tracts ordered and have begun distribution. Thank you for your rapid response and shipment.
  No time wasted in getting out the "Good News." I am distributing tracts in my daily travels and sharing the opportunity with others in my circle
  of influence to do likewise. I have also volunteered to be responsible for the tract ministry at my church. There are numerous opportunities to
  further spread Gods word as we have all been called to do. Please pray that the doors will be opened to me and that I will be obedient to
  Gods calling. Thank you for your part in equipping the saints and for your prayers.  Blessings, Denny

Hello Spencer, I just received my evangelism tracts and I thank you for sending them so quickly.  I plan to use them for my personal

  witnessing in my hometown of Racine, WI.  I also want to utilize them in my church’s “new” formal initiative in street evangelism. 
  We will be witnessing in our city’s downtown area on Sept 26th.  I have no idea how many of us will be doing this, or how we will go about it,
  but know that God has it all in place.  I can hardly wait to be sent out.  Please pray for our church (Grace Baptist, Racine, WI) and for me
  (as a relative newbie to Evangelism).  God has truly burdened my heart for the lost and your tracts are wonderful! 

God bless you in your ministry! Serving Him, Denise

  Thank you. I've just received the package. Please pray for us that our evangelism activities will be as effective as what God wanted it to be,
  when He made you design the tracts that we are using. Thanks. Elizabeth
  금번 Veracruz, Mexico 단기선교에서 주방봉사와 서기로 섬겼으며 다른 동역자들과 함께 각자 시간을 쪼개어 GO전도지를 1,000명의
  영혼들에게 나눠주고 왔습니다.  겸손히 그리고 적극적으로 전도지를 받고, 받은 자리에서 정독하는 사람들의 모습에서 도리어 많은
  은혜를 받았습니다. 전도야말로 가장 강력한 그리스도인의 자기 변증이요, 축복의 통로로서 쓰임받을 수 있는 가장 구체적인 사역중의
  하나임을 깨달았습니다. 장로님을 알게 해주신 주님께 감사드립니다. David 권 집사
  Hi,, I had received the GO gospel tracts on time, and had already started passing them out.. I don't have a ministry, I just go out, or at work, which is at Walmart
  and at a factory and preach the gospel when I can or hand out tracts. I will be going out during the 4th with another Christian brother to share the gospel,
  I am still new at witnessing but the holy spirit doesn't care, because he helps me out..   God Bless in all that ya do,,,, Chrissy
  Hello, Today Monday I received my package thank you very much. God bless you and the work you do for God, for me I am joining the ranks
  to evangelize, me and a brother from our Bible class will be doing personal work, our goal is to visit prisons and hospitals everywhere there is
  need so keep us in your prayers, my name is Fidel Ricardo Chapa and my Brothers name is Oscar Cardenas. Thank you and once again,
  May God Bless You! Fidel and Oscar
Thank you for your prompt shipment, I love passing these out and sticking them in FedEx Packages and I am going on a trip in less than
two weeks and desire to give these tracts out...thanks.  Michael
Hi, I am writing about your Gospel Tracts.  I am 47 and have a law enforcement background. I am dedicated to sharing Christ with
everyone I possibly can for the rest of my life.  I was so glad to find your gospel tracks online.  The presentation is clear and very
sound biblically. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I believe Prayer, Bible Study and Witnessing Daily will be my new career for the rest
of my days. It is my hope to obtain church sponsors for this ministry. Thank you for your ministry. Yours in Christ Jesus, David B.
장로님, 안녕하시지요. 전도교실17기 수강생 강익상입니다. 이번주 5강의 끝내고 중국 도문으로 몇개월 아니면 비자 허락하는대로
자비량 선교 또는 전도하러 다녀오고자 하는데 중국어 GO전도지를 주문합니다. 지난 3월 22일 전도교실 1강의를 듣고나서 지금
이 시간까지 너무나 exiting한 가운데 한국인, 미국인, 라티노계등에게 전도하고 있습니다. 예수님 영접하고나서 근 28년만에
맛보는 기쁨으로 흥분하고 있습니다. 중국으로 떠나기전에 전도교실로 인도하신 하나님께 나무나 감사하며 전도교실 섬기시는
사역자분들께도 감사드립니다. 다음주일 5강시에 뵙겠습니다. 강익상 집사
Thank you for the order we placed with you guys, we already received it. Thank you!  We are a Spanish church and we do door to door
evangelism or outreach at the park, we really liked the GO Evangelism tracts. We will need more. Our church name is "Rey de Reyes"  
means King of Kings. Pray for us us as we reach our community for Jesus. Maria
I am with Watersource Ministries based in Loveland, CO. I was searching the internet for ministries similar to ours, and found you.
I am so encouraged to see your passion and devotion to the Great Commission! You are right, it is why we are here and
we should always be laboring in the fields that are ripe for harvest!
Our ministry is devoted to preaching the Gospel, teaching others to witness biblically and effectively, as well as connecting witnesses.
So far, God has used us to establish a few groups in Colorado so that now we have groups from Fort Collins in the north, down to Pueblo,
in the south. Praise God for His mercy and willingness to use us! I have read through your website and only have one question:
Do you train people on the conversational side of things? I ask this because sometimes people want to talk after receiving a tract.
I look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to peruse our website, especially our Gospel page. God bless you and your teams as you
share the Truth! ~ Christine
Hi Spencer, I did receive the tracts the day after I ordered.  I believe it was last Thursday.  Good job on your part...thank you.
As for a ministry description: I realized that I have not been witnessing as much as I used to and decided it was time to start up again.
I attend church regularly but will be doing this on my own as the spirit leads.  I am going to have some friends lay hands on the tracts
today and pray for boldness and pray against any fear.  Sometimes I chicken out. Any prayers you can send my way would be greatly
appreciated. Any prayer you or your ministry needs?  If so, I will keep you in prayer too. Thanks again. Winona
To the generous workers at GO Evangelism! THANK YOU so much for the powerful tracts that you provided. They are such a blessing to
our ministry. Last week we were acknowledged by the college as an official campus organization, praise the Lord!  We will now be able to
host events on campus and utilize many college resources. Thank you for your prayers!  God Bless, Cornerstone Campus Ministries.
Thank you so much! I have received my order. I live in the projects in west Tampa, FL. This is a drug and crime  infected area, with many
young people around, I see the need for salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ. Keep me in your prayers, I would also like to gather some of
the little kids and start Bible study for them, but I am praying about it that the Lord will provide the financial help because I don't work,
I'm disable., and I would like to buy books and tools to help me teach the kids. I know, God is able! and He, will provide!
May the Lord Bless your ministry! Thank you! May God Bless You and your Ministry, Today and Always! Mayra Luz M. Tampa, FL.
Dear Spencer, Please be advised that my tracts arrived in good order. My ministry is to put tracts in the hands of those who are able to
distribute them where needed since I am 75 yrs old and have severe arthritis plus other ills. For many years I was on the road and gave out
many tracts but now I have a friend who lives in State College, Pa. and gives out tracts to the students and others at the Penn State
University. I also give tracts to my church which has a food bank ministry for the needy. I give tracts to any who are willing to distribute
them to the lost. Thank you for your work for our Lord. Barry Whitfield Altoona, PA.
Dear Brother Spencer, Blessings to you too!! Thank you for the tract order confirmation and for your quick acknowledgment.
I received the package today it was a great timing! May the Lord be with you always, your family and the brothers in your ministry.
Re: Our Ministry  I am working with the brothers in my church as their leader, one  of my goals this year is to bring more souls to our

Lord Jesus; I will be working with them  and I am trust God that this material is going to be a blessing for our evangelism ministry.  

Please pray for us brother. God Bless you! Hno. Gonzalo Macias, Iglesia De Jesicristo en Simi Valley CA  
Dear Spencer, We (my tenant and I) received your tracts a few days ago, and are delighted with them. They present a good foundation
for being saved, and then excellent directions for to beginning to live  life with Christ. My tenant, Arlene, (who is elderly like me) likes to
give out tracts when she goes out, (usually to do shopping or to see doctors).  Our friend Don (who is also elderly like us) also likes to
hand out tracts, and witness while he and witness while he moves about town;  he often goes to town just to hand out tracts.
Thank you for your prompt service, and excellent material. Sincerely, Eileen, Middletown, NY. (Received on December 24, 2008)
Hello Brother Spencer: Before I start, let me say these are the most eye catching, powerful tracts I have ever used, they are concise,
to the point just what I need. I recently  started ministering @ 42 street Times Square train station as you know not the easiest area, but
this is where the Lord sent me 2 years ago, as he revealed it to me in a dream. After 2 years of reasoning with God as to why it was so
dangerous, for me to be there, it's obvious that God always has the last word. Please keep me in your prayers, I'm there every Fri evening.
Sister Elizabeth, N Bergen, NJ
조영장로님, 반갑습니다. 저는 지용훈목사입니다. 현재 저는 뉴욕 맨하탄 노방전도자입니다. 주께서 주신 지역은 특별히
Wall Street과 Times Square이며 오고 가며 subway에서도 찬양으로 하나님의 이름을 선포하고 복음을 전하고 있습니다. 
두 장소는 특별히 맘모니즘의 상징으로서 돈의 배후에서 역사하는 악한 영과 전투를 하게 하십니다. 사람이 하나님과 돈
두주인을 동시에 섬길수 없다는 말씀에 비추어 보면 저 두장소는 사단의 심장부인 것이 믿어집니다.
찬양과 중보기도로서 영적전쟁을 싸우게 하시며 동시에 그곳에 방문하는 세계인들에게 복음을 전하게 하십니다.
서울대 성악과를 졸업한 제가 오페라 singer가 될 것을...복음 전도자로 전환시키시고 하나님의 나라를 위해 사단이
알 수 없는 비밀병기로서 직접 뛰게 하십니다. 성령께서 저를 보호하시기 때문에 사단의 등잔밑이 어두운 것이라 믿습니다.
이곳 뉴욕예일장로교회에서 전도집회를 하셨던 것으로 알고 있으며 GO전도지를 통해서 많은 역사들이있습니다.
GO전도지는 정말 탁월하고 좋습니다. 그 전도지를 통해서 많은 역사들이 있습니다. 유대인 할머니, 힌두교 신자,
동성연애자, 각 나라족속들등...많은 사람들이 예수님을 영접하는 일들이 있었구요. 항상 감사하게 생각하고 있습니다.
Please keep in touch...in the Holy Spirit
"We were happy when we received the boxes of more "Tracts" that you sent. Now we can go out and witness for Jesus. The tracts
are what is needed, it is easy to show the people the scriptures with the pictures and the people accept it.  We go to laundry mats,
service stations, and parking lots, walks the neighborhood roads and the streets giving out the tract and telling the people about Jesus.
May are happy to receive it. The GO Evangelism tracts make it easy to talk with people about Jesus. Thank you so much and may
Jesus continue to bless you and your ministry.                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. W. Mann, Bakersfield, CA
Greetings from Apostles of Gospel Ministries International. God bless you all. I am Rev. Iftikhar Indryas, Founder of AGMI in Pakistan.
We are planting House Churches in all over the Pakistan. We have thousands of fellow workers in Pakistan working with us in Lord's
Harvest from many years, Praise the Lord as we are organizing Evangelistic Meeting in all Pakistan and AGMI have Street Evangelism
Ministry in Pakistan. I am blessed to find your gospel tracts, Praise the Lord with your literature. I believe people are coming to know
our Lord. I believe through these Tracts our people in Pakistan will be blessed. Please remember our Team in your daily prayers.
Next year, we'd like to publish all four tracts one hundred thousands each, total four hundred thousands in our language URDU.
I believe that when our people study these tracts, they will start thinking "Where they are going." and "Who is the Master of their lives."
We love you in the Lord. In His Service,                                                                                                    Rev. Indryas, Pakistan
Please send us another 3,000 Tracts as our Church Street Evangelism Team had participated the County Fair last week and depleted
all our Tract inventory by distributing to thousands of people who attended the Orange County Fair. God bless you and your ministry.
                                                                                                                   Director of Evangelism Team, SC Antioch Church
God bless you. Thank you very much for your prompt shipment of our order. I will call you very soon to order some more tracts.
Yesterday we gave away 120 tracts at one time. Our Street Evangelism Team love these tracts. Thank you again. I will call you soon.
                                                                                                                                          Pastor L. Orozco, Port St Lucie, FL
Please send us 2,000 more tracts including 500 Spanish version as we urgently need them for the upcoming Mission Conference.
The first 1,500 tracts we'd ordered several weeks ago have already been distributed.  In Him,            Mission Pastor, Inland Church
We would like to order 10,000 tracts in an assortment of 4 different cover designs to be distributed by our Street Evangelism Team.
Thank you so much. We pray for your ministry.                                                     Senior Pastor, Calvary Faith Church, L.A., CA
Please send us another 6,000 tracts in Spanish as our Church Mission Team will be distributing them in Mexico during the upcoming
Outreach Mission Trip. God bless your ministry.          David Park, Youth Leader, Siloam Community Church, San Leandro, CA

Thank you Spencer, for caring.  Yes, I received the gospel tracts and have already given half of them out to Spanish speaking day

laborers. I brought them lunch and the 'bread of life'.  I am bi-lingual and have a ministry to Hispanic children in trailer parks and

apartment complexes. This summer I am seeing literally over 200 a week.  My aim is to evangelize the Hispanics who live on the

periphery of live in the US. The tracts are for Moms who come to the meetings and their Dads of which many are day laborers. 

Again thanks. It is the first time I have used your tracts.  They are very graphic and strongly worded.  But the danger is real...

we must warn them! Joyfully Serving Jesus the Christ,   G Hacker


Dear Brother!  Our God is Good God!

Praise the Lord, our faithful Jesus Christ,  I gave new order yesterday to print One Hundred thousand more Tracts for Event of
Catholic Village, I was praying God Provide me Money for this Amazing Work,  Praise the Lord for One Muslim Businessman!
He had received his GO Evangelism Tract from our First Publishing in Faisalabad, and He came to know Our Lord Jesus Christ
through this Tract. Today he RANG me on my Cell Phone and Called me to His Textile Factory, he Give me $1100 Pakistani
Rupee 87000.  Praise the Lord!  God is Touching the heart of Muslims through these Powerful tracts!
He gave His Testimony last Night When I was Sleeping Jesus Christ Came and Said I need you , I am your Savior, He said
this Morning When I Study these Tracts Once again, and I was Feeling I was Going to Hell, and My Life was not Saved, Then
I call you Pastor Iftikhar to let you know that I Accepted Jesus Christ as My Personal Savior, Please take this Money and print
more tracts and reach other Muslims brothers through these Tracts.  Amen, In His Service,  Pastor Iftikhar Indrays, Pakistan

                                                              More Testimonials Below:

한국어 Spanish English & Spanish English Kid's


Good news they arrived! I am happy with the quality of the tract and am going to share some immediately with some preacher friends
and solicit any feedback from them. As far as our intended usage, we hand out several hundred per week (sometimes per day) at a
nearby college town. Needless to say we are a small church group and have limited resources and are often limited by available funds.
As the Lord helps and provides souls shall be reached, and the Kingdom of God increased. We indeed look forward to the victory of the
gospel over the darkness which seems so entrenched in this world, the ushering in of the glad millennial day, and the coming general 
judgment when all shall be judged and be rewarded accordingly.       On-war for the Kingdom,  Brad Fultz
Thank You Spencer! I would very much appreciate your prayers for our ministry in Christ Jesus. I'm simply purchasing the tracts as tool 
for anyone and everyone that does need more in depth details about becoming Born Again (Saved). My first introduction to becoming
Born Again was through reading a Bible tract. It is a visual aide that a person can read over and over again until the Lord Grace shines
upon them. All in HIS timing. GOD BLESS YOUR MINISTRY!  In Christ!!!  Joyce
Hello Brother Director of Go Evangelism Inc. I am Evangelist Labin. We are running with Street Ministries in Faisalabad ,
I see your tract and get 1000 tracts from your Co-Fellow worker Rev. Iftikhar Indryas in Pakistan. I ask him more to distribute
among the Unsaved People in Faisalabad , please can you ask Rev. Iftikhar to provide more tracts to distribute among
Non believers in Faisalabad, God give me very Anointed team in Faisalabad I am sure through these tracts we can reach
thousands of Unsaved People in Faisalabad.  Only for Jesus. Evangelist Labin from Faisalabad, Pakistan
Dear Brother Spencer, I received  all the tracts that were ordered.  Our ministry has been one of starting new churches. 
We started in Spain in the 70s and this is the last church we started here in Florida.  I do not know how many more we can start. 
My wife and I are retired from secular jobs. We try to reach Spanish and English speaking people in this area.  We are in the middle of
construction right now.  We hope that by June of this year we can dedicate the temple to the Lord.  This is a small and poor church on
terms of economy but with a big heart and willing to do will of God.  God Bless You!  Teddy Aponte.
Hi Spencer, I did receive the tracts. thank you very much!  I stamped them with the info of where I attend church Rock of Salvation Church.
I am a Sunday school (9-12 year olds) teacher but I can't always speak to everyone I come in contact with on the street, shopping centers,
fast food pick-ups, etc. because of time, but I can hand them out a tract so they will at least have some kind of direction.
Thank you very much for sending them right away. Took me longer to e-mail you though. Waiting for Jesus Christ's imminent return!
PS. Thank you for your prayers, truly all are answered. Nina.
I am confirming the receipt of my order. These tracts are for personal evangelism.
I am professor at SWBTS - Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Houston campus). Thank you!  Paul
Yes I received the tracts. What I do is simple. I order, most of the time, 200 address labels from a company that provides such labels.
I then mail each one of these addresses a track. The labels range all over the contiguous United States. It's a small thing to do, but
you know I have the faith that it will reach a lot of people and that GOD's word doesn't come back empty.
 It would be great if a lot of other people would involve themselves in the same activity. And GOD bless you, Thomas
I received the package and greatly appreciate your help. I plan on using these tracks as a tool to share the Gospel with others as
I go about my day. God bless!  Very Respectfully, West Point Army Cadet Jonathan 
We are so blessed by that, thanks for taking care of the shipping charge. .... Ray goes to the flea market in Willingboro NJ..
it is an African American community... We have been having a prayer meeting in our home while we are the home on Monday
and Tuesday evening from 7 to 9. One of the young men has been getting stirred up, he purchased the tracks the last time...
blessings.. the joy of the Lord is our strength...Anna and Ray
Dear Brother in Christ, Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
First of all, I would like to tell you that I visited your website which made it possible for us to learn so many things that God is using you
for His own glory. Praise God! My wife and I am converted from Hindus background and God has called us to preach His word among
our own tribal people in Pakistan. Our tribe of Oad Hindus is very small group in numbers who are only found to be in Sindh Province
and according to the Survery 2005 they are about 60000 families. It is very sad that no body from them have ever heard of Jesus Christ.
They are totally un-reached for Jesus. God has given us buren for them to share His word so that they may come to accept Him and
submit their lives to Him. Therefore we have been doing outreaches to reach them. By the Grace of God we have good response from them
to learn with great joy. Due to lack of resources we only have been doing to teach them by stories and using Jesus Film to show them and
teach them the things from God’s word. We need your prayer support to continue His work to be done effectively. Please pray with us and
ask Lord to help us so that we may have more opportunities to reach them to bring them in His kingdom.
Thank you and hope to hear from you, In Christ, Your Brother  Nazeer Mall Od, Pakistan
I would like to order some of the free tract samples. I am volunteering at an assisted living home and would like some for some of my clients
about salvation and where we spend eternity. I can't afford to buy them right now because I am not able to work. Can you help me out,
please?  Thank you and God bless! Pam
Dear Pam, Blessings! Thanks for your godly volunteering work at an assisted living home. We'll be happy to send you some of our gospel
tracts about salvation and where we spend eternity. About 100 units will be shipped tomorrow via UPS at no cost to you as our ministry's
goal is to reach as many souls as possible through the saved Christians such as you who are willing to be obedient for the Great
Commission.    In Him, Brother Spencer,  GO Evangelism Ministry, Inc.
God bless you and thank you so much. I have lead one lady to Christ about 4 hours before she was healed into his arms. Thank you
Jesus. then I had the opportunity to witness to a gentleman last week who is a Mormon and led his in prayer and just wanted to help him
understand better. Again thank you and your ministry and God bless you all. Pam
Thank you, Spencer.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit will take these seeds, plow up the ground after they are planted and bring a great
harvest of souls.  BTW, what nationality are you?  I have twin 5 year old girls adopted from China, and I have adult sisters who were
adopted  from Seoul, Korea by my parents in the 1970's.  Mark
Dear Mark, Blessings!  My great, great, great.... grandfather was Noah. In this sense, you and I are brothers.
My nationality is Korean American, the 4th generation Christian. What a blessing to know that your parents had adopted your sisters from
Seoul, the city I'd lived during the first 17 years of my life. I'll pray that the Lord will use your ministry mightily and bring a great harvest of
souls as the time of His return is getting so near. The ultimate goal of our ministry is to translate the gospel tracts into as many foreign
languages as possible and distribute them throughout the world. In Him, Spencer, Director, GO Evangelism Ministry, Inc.
You are correct, my brother, that we are all related in Christ. In fact, we are all attached to the same body, so we're even closer than my
relatives.  I pass out a lot of tracts, and sometimes it's great and sometimes it's hard to do, but God gives more grace.  Mark
Whenever I experience difficulties in distributing the tracts, I always meditate and rejoice on the following verse.
"Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me, Rejoice and be glad,
because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you." (Matthew 5:11,12)  Spencer
Thank you so much!  We plan on forwarding Tract samples to the pastor we are working with in Mexico and letting him tell us which
resources he feels would be best.  I will personally order some other things to send along to him. 
Thank you so much for the ministry you provide. Debbie
I am so sorry for taking so long to write and bless and thank you, Brother Spencer for the free tract samples. They are wonderful and I do 
so appreciate it. I am still volunteering at the assisted living facility and in fact a wonderful  Godly man who has been a pastor for 22 years
and I have started a Bible study group on Wed. What a blessing. Again I thank you for the tracts and may God bless you and yours. Pam
I'm trying to get a OTR truck driving job. The main reason is to fulfill my desire to "take up my cross....." I'm starting a ministry
"Trucker Tracts Ministry" (I'm only in the planning stage right now). My plan is to travel North America and hand out Tracts.
Thank you for your time and Ministry. Andras
I just received the tracts and I look forward to handing them out. I pastor a country church in Northern PA. We are in the middle of 
working through the witnessing series: "the Way of the Master." Our folks are really excited and compassionate for the lost.
So your added tracts will be a great tool. Our God is so Good! Thank you for making them available. In His Grip! 
Pastor K. Young, Forest Lake Baptist Church, Montrose, PA
I received  my order today thank you. The name of my ministry is MIRACLE FAITH CENTER IN ORANGE NJ. It  is a Deliverance Ministry, and we greatly welcome your prayers at this time, thanking you again. May God Bless You and the GO Evangelism Ministry.  Bridget
Thanks for your reply.  Besides our ministry I also Pastor a small church.  We're planning on setting up a canopy at the local fairgrounds
on July 4th to hand out the tracts, minister to people with salvation, prayers for healing, etc.  We will hang a sign out saying, 
"Free Prayer".   We appreciate your prayers. God Bless, Pastor Val., Shenandoah, IA
Brother Spencer,  I've just ordered 200 English tracts and 100 Spanish tracts. I would appreciate your prayers as we take a step of faith
and use these anointed tracts for the furtherance of His kingdom.  I've not seen anything like this take place in Michigan.  I am going to
the city court house to see what I can do about setting up a prayer station somewhere in the city of Pontiac. If you would like, I will keep
you informed regarding our progress. Blessings!  Armida
Hello, My name is Vernell, I want to let you know I received my tracts that I ordered from you today.  Thank you for your prompt delivery. 
I am the director over our Evangelism Team and has bought tracts in the past at a book store and they were very expensive. I thank God
for people like you that are helping the ministry with affordable prices. Yes, will you pray for our Evangelism Ministry @ Inspiring Temple
of Praise Church here in Fort Worth Texas. We are getting ready for our annual food and clothes give away on Saturday June 28th that
it will affect lives to Christ and let the community know that God still loves them!  God bless you!   Ms. Vee
I received the tracts today.  Thank you. The Youth Ministry of Rutgers Community Christian Church in New Jersey will have an outreach
program on July 18. We pray that through this meeting, many young people will know Jesus and receive Him as their personal savior.
God bless your ministry, too!  In Him,  C.H. Huang
PLEASE PRAY; I have Been sick since my tracts arrived. that will not stop me. its only a temporary setback. I have seen my nation being
slowly taken over by haters of light. I am compelled to do my part and make the truth known. pray for me for I know the haters of light will
try to stop me but I am persuaded that  GOD is with me and  I shall prevail. thanks for the tracts I really like them and I know they will work.
My name is E. BRISTER remember me in prayer. Thanks!  Your brother in CHRIST.
I am happy to write this letter to you. On this day which the Lord has made Ps. 118:24.
I am a Muslim and a student. Some one gave me your wonderful biblical leaflet last year to read it one cool morning. I was touched and
realized that I was a lost sinner. I was in darkness. I needed to become a Christian so that I could be saved. Then I prayed and right and
then I was convinced and converted to a living church where Bible was being preached. Sincerely I can now see the true light, which is J
esus, the Savior of the world.  I have received Him as my only Lord and Savior, praise the Lord. I can now see my life changed and the
Lord is so good to me. He has put a smile on my face and my name is now John.   Yours all in Christ.  Brother John O.
Dear Brother Spencer Cho, God bless you!
Brother We are all Well here in Pakistan Recently 50000 Tracts are Distributed in Second Largest City of Pakistan LAHORE ,
Our Fellow workers distributed these Tracts in Hospitals , Bus Stands, Railway Station in Crusades in Lahore,
Praise the Lord People are Coming to know Our Lord Jesus Christ through these Powerful Tracts in URDU,
Brother We are so so thankful for your Ministry to Pakistan,
Brother On 5-6-7 September 2008. More than 1 Million People gather in Catholic Village MARIAM ABAD, and this Event every Year
Organized from Catholic Congregation, Catholic Concept is in 1958 HAIL Marry Appear in this Village , this Village Established in 1902
and Catholic  Congregation Make very Big Idol of Marry and People around the Country Come to Bow Front of Mary Idol,
Brother We have Passion to Distribute Tracts in this Event , Brother we believe If we Distribute these Tracts in this Event We will Win
Thousands Thousands Lost for Lord Jesus in this Event, and  Catholic People will Come to know truth through these Powerful Tracts,
Brother Our all team is always eager to Sow the Seed of Gospel in this thirsty and hard Land
I am already thankful what you done for Lost in Pakistan, We Love you and Praying for you and all Team,
                                                                                             In His Service Iftikhar Indryas

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