Spencer Cho

Spencer Cho

Author of GO! Evangelism: So Simple, Yet So Powerful Evangelism

Spencer is the Founder of GO! Evangelism Ministry who personally walked the streets and planted the Seeds of the Gospel in more than fifty thousand dying souls, urges and challenges all Christians to boldly go out and plant the ‘Seeds of the Gospel’ to as many lost souls as possible as God will bless you to experience the same joy and blessing.

The Holy Spirit will awaken and strengthen your spirit in the holy and blessed way, so that if you obey, muster courage, and go out boldly to plant the Seeds of the Gospel in many dying souls, you will surely experience the power of the Holy Spirit and being born again.

God has given us the most powerful and effective method of evangelism that is absolutely necessary in this age. Planting the seeds of the Gospel has been the strongest, fastest and easiest way to evangelize, reaching countless perishing souls with joy and great enthusiasm. These powerful seeds are available at our ministry sites: www.GospelTracts.org; www.BibleTracts.org

You may contact him with questions or comments at syc@go91.com.

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